What is an IME? Independent Medical Evaluation

IME companies – What are they?

Independent Medical Evaluation ReviewIf you have a normal life injury or health problem, you will most likely visit your family doctor. However in case of a work injury, chances are, you will be requested to go see an independent medical evaluation specialist. IME companies mostly deal with cases related to work injuries or insurance companies’ cases. Usually the employer will ask for an IME evaluation regarding one’s work related injury, in order to make sure that the injury is related to the place of work and not because of other possible problems like alcohol or tobacco. Ime’s are also issued to determine if the injury is as serious as it was claimed to be and if the injury has the impact described on the patient.

IME evaluations – A must when it comes to work injuries

In case of a work injury the company will send a letter to the employee or his attorney requesting for an IME evaluation, even if the injured worker had already been to his local hospital and has a diagnosis for his condition. However before taking any action, in case the attorney isn’t aware of the company’s request, one should always announce his or her attorney. If the company requests for an IME evaluation, all the related expenses will usually be covered and traveling to the IME office should be as convenient as possible for the injured worker.

IME doctors – Tips and advice for a better IME experience

In case you are requested for an IME evaluation, here are some good tips you could follow. First of all you should remember that the IME doctor is representing a third party organization interested in the truth and the truth only. You should never be late to the IME doctor’s appointment; this can be a sign of disrespect from your side and can influence the IME doctor’s report. Always be polite when talking to the IME specialist, but avoid being over friendly. Being honest is the most important thing when it comes to an IME evaluation. You should carefully explain all the problems related to your injury and all the pains you have. One should never try to lie to an IME specialist, as they are trained to check you both physically and mentally. There are some states like Pennsylvania or New York, where an IME evaluation is a must when it comes to work injury cases.

IME evaluations – For personal cases

Besides work related injuries there are other cases one could request an IME doctor’s report. If you think a treatment, that wasn’t covered by your medical insurance, was too expensive and not helpful to your condition, you have the option to file a complaint. Hiring an IME specialist to look over your case and getting a second opinion is a good way to check if you are right. It is advised however, to check with a local lawyer before taking any action yourself. There are many companies specialized in medical related complains and many of them will offer their consulting services for free.

Weather you need an IME evaluation for yourself or for a work injury case; you should remember that if you are honest and polite, the IME evaluation will help you with your complaint.

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